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The Elephant House at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden was built in 1906 and designed by James W. McLaughlin. It is the world's largest complete-concrete animal buidling of it's kind. It is 100 ft long, 70 ft wide, and 70 ft tallFor all the years the building has been used, it has always exhibited elephants. When the building opened it was originally the Herbivora House, displaying creatures like kangaroos, rhinos, hippos, bison and of course elephants. The building has gone through a few renovations in 1982, 1997, and 2008. In the year 2000, Vanishing Giants opened to the public featuring giraffes, okapis, and the elephants that reside at the zoo today. In 2007-
Elephant house entrance


2008, the zoo opened Giraffe Ridge, which was located near the Elephant House and de-expanded the area, taking out the giraffes and the okapis and building them new homes around the zoo. During this renovation camels joined the attraction for only one summer along with cheetahs. Around May 2008, Elephant Reserve, as it is known today, opened. It now features four of the zoo's elephants; cows Schottzie, Mai-Thai, Jati,
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Elephant house night
Elephant house exhibit

Part of the indoor cow exhibit.

and bull Sabu-hit. It was put under the National Landmark list in 1975.
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